About us

Who are we?

Gamma-Wopla is a Belgian manufacturing company specialised in the design and production of logistics material handling products. Think, in particular, of industrial plastic boxes that are stackable, nestable and foldable. The possibilities are virtually endless.

Our production centre in Mouscron offers a strategic location for export across the whole of Europe. You will find our products all over Europe, from Scandinavia to southern Europe and from Ireland over UK to Eastern Europe.

We can rely on more than 25 years of experience. This has led to a huge range of products that can be used in all kinds of industries, such as pharmaceuticals, agro-food, distribution, automotive, logistics, agriculture, poultry production, etc.

Plastic crates manufacturers


Gamma-Wopla wants to develop plastic containers that meet the expectations, and competitive terms and conditions of the customer and the industry in which the customer operates. We listen carefully to their logistical needs and respond to them.


Gamma-Wopla's Belgian-made products are innovative, competitive and customer-focused. 

Our strengths

Gamma-Wopla is a strong player in plastic containers and crate production. We are driven by product innovation and work in a customer-focused way.





Gamma-Wopla's equipment is highly automated and robotised, allowing us to offer a competitive range which meets customers’ expectations.



Gamma-Wopla has its own R&D department to continuously examine new options, often at the request of a customer.



Our strength is our customer focus. From the development of a specific product to the after-sales service, we are always eager to help.



Sustainable entrepreneurship

It is important for nature and for our environment to be eco-friendly. That is why Gamma-Wopla carefully selects its raw materials. Our products are fully recyclable and reusable.

What if a product can no longer be used? We will take it back, crush it and use it to produce recycled plastic pallets. Nothing goes to waste.

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