Our extensive range is kept up to date to meet the needs and wishes of the various sectors. All our new products and developments can be found here.



Easy moving with our BD6430

Thanks to our BD6430 moving will be so much easier! Our customer BOXit&move shows in their video the many advantages of this multifunctional box. Interested in our distribution boxes? Take a look at our product page or contact us via

Our boxes are helping in the fight against the coronavirus

As part of the fight against Coronavirus, a large French company that has volunteered to manufacture medical respirators, has introduced Gamma-Wopla boxes for the storage of parts to manufacture these devices.

Production new box GEBI6426

At Gamma-Wopla we started the production of the new box GEBI 6426. This box was specially designed for our customer Picvert. Picvert is a French family business based in Picardy that grows young salads and mini vegetables all year round. Be sure to check out their website for more information.

The GEBI 6426 is a bi-colour box that is stackable and 80% nestable. It does not take up a lot of space during return transport and thanks to its two colours, its stackability and nestability are easy to recognise. Want to know more about the GEBI 6426? Click here.



Magic Box

With the Magic Box, we want to present to you a new and innovative packaging concept. The Magic Box is a practical and ergonomical alternative to cardboard boxes. In less than 3 seconds, you can fold and unfold the Magix Box without having to use adhesive tape, which makes it very flexible.

Extension Gamma-Wopla

To support the continuous growth of Gamma-Wopla, we’re busy with the construction of an additional production plant. On April 18th, de first new machine has been installed in the brand-new facility. This new production area will be operational in September 2019.

Follow here the evolution from the mock-up up until today.


New picking crate: E4112-1100

  • 400 x 150 x 120 mm
  • Available with dividers (optional)
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Attached lid container : BD-Box 400x300

  • Stable and robust structure which guarantees multiway use of the box
  • Perfect stability guaranteed in transport
  • With attached lid
  • Stackable and nestable box when empty
  • Nestability : up to 66 % space saving in empty transport
  • Lid separately available : can be replaced when damaged
  • Area for Barcode or RFID
  • Personalisation possible (colour – logo)
  • Possibility to seal with a plumb
  • 100 % recycable
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Euronorm boxes in multiple colours

From now on, we have 4 different colours of 8 sizes of Euronorm boxes in stock. 
Colours available: green, yellow, blue, red


  • 600 x 400 mm in 120 / 170 / 220 & 320 mm high
  • 400 x 300 mm in 120 / 170 / 220 & 320 mm high
  • The lids for these boxes are also available in the different colours

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New dolly CHM-GN-2F

  • Interworkable with our different boxes (euro norm boxes – foldable boxes – nestable & stackable boxes – Attached lid containers)
  • 3 different ground floors
  • Loading capacity 250 kg
  • Available in different colours
  • Available with or without handle
  • Handle to attach different dollies on eachother

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Bi-colour boxes PVBI

  • Nestable and stackable : 50 % space reduction
  • cost reduction in storage and transport
  • The 2 colour aspect shows to stack or nest
    • Stacking : all same colours on same side
    • Nesting : colours alternated
  • Optical easy to work with : no mistakes in stacking and no waste of time
  • Increase of productivity and higher labor comfort
  • Very robust boxes
  • Easy to stack , qually and stable stacking
  • Available with open or closed bottom and sides
  • Due to rail on topframe , crate can not slide of when stacking, no material damages
  • Available in 120 , 140 and 190 mm high
  • Volumes : 22 L, 35 L or 34 L
  • Personalised colours can be chosen from 500 boxes
  • Personalising possible by hotstamp printing or by insert in mould
  • 100 % recycable
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