Our Strenghts


Gamma-Wopla, plastic crates manufacturer, is mainly known for its strong competitiveness, passion for innovation and customer care. 



plastic crates manufacturers


Gamma-Wopla has invested in production equipment comprising 29 automated, robotised machines: ensuring a competitive service that fully meets customers' expectations.



plastic crates innovation


Gamma-Wopla has a continuous in-house programme of new product development, in order to expand its range and respond to customers' requirements.

Customer Care


plastic crates manufacturers


Gamma-Wopla is firmly focused on the client: in terms of development, manufacture, delivery and customer service.



All responsible businesses must pursue an active environmental policy, from waste sorting, to the return and recycling of their own packaging materials. Our packaging products are reusable and recyclable and, therefore, qualify as sustainable items.


Our plastic containers & plastic storage boxes are manufactured from virgin raw material. We select the appropriate material to meet specific requirements, while also taking into account temperature stability, resistance to vertical loading and mechanical strength. The plastic containers can be recycled and used for other applications such as the manufacture of plastic pallets.

We undertake to take back our products at the end of their life. The plastic material can then be crushed and reused for the manufacture other products, such as plastic pallets.






Production with virgin raw materials
Worn out containers are taken back and ground
Grounded containers are used in the production of plastic pallets at SmartFlow

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