Foldable storage box

We have an extended range of foldable storage boxes for different industries

Gamma-Wopla develops boxes & foldable storage boxes which attends their customers expectations at competitive conditions. Gamma-Wopla has invested in production equipment comprising 29 automated, robotised machines: ensuring a competitive service that fully meets customers' expectations. Our plastic containers & plastic storage boxes are manufactured from virgin raw material. We select the appropriate material to meet specific requirements, while also taking into account temperature stability, resistance to vertical loading and mechanical strength.


In need of a foldable storage box ? Discover our different boxes : 

  • O-4325-1151 - volume 18L
  • O-6423-1151 - volume 39L
  • O-6433-1151 - volume 59L
  • P6420-0042 - volume 40L
  • P6420-0122 - volume 40L
  • RL6420-00 - volume 39L
  • RL-6424-00 - volume 47L
  • ... and many others

More info on a type of foldable storage box ? Go to our product page folding containers & foldable boxes.


Foldable storage box
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