Plastic tote bins

We offer a wide range of plastic tote bins for distribution & logistics

With more then 25 years of experience as a plastic tote manufacturer, Gamma-Wopla offers a large product range in order to respond to the needs of different industrial markets such as pharmaceutical industry, food industry, retail, automotive industry, logisitics, poultry, agricultural industry, etc….


In our products for distribution, you can find plastic tote bins of the following type : 

  • C4332-1150 - volume 25L
  • C4301-44 - lid
  • BD6425-1150 - volume 46L
  • BD6430-1150 - volume 54L
  • BD6435-1150 - volume 67L

For other types of plastic tote bins, you can contact us at +32 56 85 20 85 or use our webform.





Plastic tote bins
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